I AM… you are


There is something enchanting in the silence of nature. I feel as though I’m being sanctified by its grandeur. Beneath an ocean of dazzling twinkle lights I am small. Insignificant and yet indispensible. Undeserving of love and still loved unconditionally. Incapable of greatness while bound for it. How am I to live in this middle ground? If anything the intimidation of it all causes my stomach to turn, the kind of feeling you get on a merry-go-round or in a crowded Starbucks.

We are to swallow that the Creator of the very stars hanging in the sky can feel such intimate love for us! The great mystery of it all will never burn out. It seems those who can’t receive it continue to search for it in unrelated places. Children of the Most High often spend a lifetime running from the answer to love itself.

This year my resolution is to learn how to better receive love. We cannot effectively love others when we are not first refreshed and renewed in love ourselves. When you overflow with love and affection it seems as though there is much to spare. Pot bubbling over extra extra read all about it, YOU GOTTA HAVE some of this, love!

It’s not a self-indulgent thing to need love. We were made for it—consider it our fuel. Don’t let yourself run on empty. Ask for Heaven to pour down grace upon you. Scripture tells us ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ (Mark 12:31). This implies that in order to give you must also have received. Ask for great renewal in the season ahead. Your gracious Heavenly Father would be overjoyed to oblige!


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