The Art of Letting Go


I’m not sure when it happens. I suppose it’s a gradual sort of thing. The loosening of a grip, a long release of breath, the raising of a white flag—It’s not always a measurable process. For certain, surrender will change your life.

I watched the waves today. The ebb and flow, the catch and release. The hands of the currents tug back and forth. Wondering how if all the universe fit so perfectly, so succinctly, why must we try to control every bit of it ourselves? With God as the Creator, the mastermind behind all visible and invisible things, what could we add to what has already existed?

If we truly believed– believed with all our heart–that our prayers didn’t just hit the ceiling and end but traveled all the way to Heaven, our perspective would change. Then we would know every plea, every tear has been seen and heard. Our endless conversations are not floating in a void somewhere or lost in our imagination. We are heard and we are acknowledged. There’d be no need to handle everything ourselves.

I believe most people hold on to control because they feel a lack of choice, rather than a desire to carry the burden. But you must know this weight you feel was never meant to be carried by you. It’s far too heavy. You’ll never make it on your own.

Love breaks chains. I have experienced it. The more loved you feel, the less approval you seek. The less weight you carry the more freely you can enjoy life. This acceptance is not to be taken lightly. Completely humbled I find myself on my knees time and time again in response to the unimaginable grace of God.

We are rescued from a life of slavery so we can freely worship God without fear (Luke 1:74). The time is ripe. We must redeem the hours with praise, song and worship. The hours will not redeem themselves. We are invited to participate in the master plan of the universe. Don’t miss your cue.


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