Like it, Love it, Gotta Have It



Do you remember the ice cream shop Cold Stone? It was quite a fad when I was young. With its many toppings and personalized flavors the shop was something ice cream lovers dream of! I used to go there as a kid. In fact, there are still many flavor combinations I regret not trying now that I think of it … but that’s beside the point 😉

Each time I visited I was forced to answer the inevitable question: ‘what size of ice cream did I want to consume?’ Now in case you haven’t been to Cold Stone, they have their portions designated by small–better known as “like it,” medium “love it” and large “gotta have it.” I was never really allowed to get the “gotta have it” because my mom always thought that was way too much sugar. Typically, being on the conservative side of sweets consumption, I ordered the “like it.” But I have to tell you I always wondered what a “gotta have it” size would taste like. Would it be better, I wondered? Would I feel more “grown up and mature” if I ordered it? I concluded it’d be a different, incomparable experience altogether.

I recently began thinking about this ice cream store and it reminded me about my walk with the Lord. When I was young I “liked” Him. I enjoyed His stories. I found His presence pleasurable. My life was settled in a sweet spot of knowledge. I thought that religion was merely a portion of my life and that’s all it was going to be. What I didn’t know is there was more of His presence available to me than I assumed. I think a lot of people could stay in this phase of faith for quite a while, never really questioning their place but comfortably seated on the recliner chair of “good enough.”

But what if you wanted more? You can have it! Did you know that? Here we land at the “love it” phase of faith. Being the adventurous type I have rarely been satisfied with the “like it” amounts of anything in life, so I found myself digging deeper. I read more. I prayed more; found myself in small group Bible studies and you know what, I loved it (pun intended)! It was a step up, there was more to be learned, more to experience, more to feel. It’s during this phase of faith where I think we develop into a groove in our relationship with Jesus. He knows us, we know Him. But there is still more, yes don’t settle! This is the part before things actually get exciting. This is the part before Jesus becomes our “everything”—our love, our strength, our life, our home, our friend, and our confidant. Keep climbing!

Here we are at the pinnacle of faith where Abraham, David, Saul and so many of our Biblical cohorts have found themselves: The point where there is no turning back “gotta have it.” As Simon Peter replied to Jesus in the book of John “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life (John 6:68).” High or low, mountain or valley we cannot separate our identity, our complete existence from the Lord. In fact we can’t even imagine a life without Him. There’s no area that we don’t want turned over to Him. We are never satisfied with the amount of His presence that we have, so we are constantly seeking more and more of Him.

I want to encourage you today to evaluate which size of the Lord you ordered. Have you chosen the “like it,” the “love it” or the “gotta have it?” Did you know its not too late to change your order? We should strive to never become stationary in our relationship with Jesus. Remember, the Lord told us He can be found. He is not just in our minds; He is everywhere. Never stop searching for Him in each and every area of your life. He wants us to find Him and when we do we will want even more.

Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”


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