Should’ve Been Me


Do you love a good story? I bet you do! How about a love story? Even better! If you could imagine the most beautiful and lasting love story, it would probably involve one character so in love with another that he would be willing to risk everything for that love, even death. Think about it: Romeo and Juliet, one of the world’s most popular love stories, is built on this exact principle: enduring love. And better yet, the Bible is based on the same.

When you picture Jesus on the cross, picture it just as a love story, because it is. His love for you was so vast, so deep and so wide that He was willing to endure the most human pain possible: dying. When you think about this picture, think of the expanse that your Lord was willing to go to bring you into His everlasting Kingdom. But you know what, this death, and this pain was ultimately the death undeserving for one so Holy and righteous as Jesus Christ. He really died the death that we as humans all deserved for our sinful nature.

So when you think of the cross, think of love. Think of Jesus’ compassion, forgiveness, but also think about the death that was deserving of you. To be honest, we were the ones worthy of dying the death of a criminal, a sinner. Our place was on that cross and the price of sin, death. But God intervened for us when He sent His son into our world to die for all of humanity, to be raised from the dead on the third day and to reflect so deeply the Love that our Heavenly Father feels for us. He held nothing back from his people, His only son, His most perfect sacrifice.

So I ask you… are you giving God your very best? Do you offer Him the first priority of your time, effort and love? Because He held nothing back from you. Putting it all in perspective it should have been us on that cross, both you and me. But God’s plan for our redemption far reached any human capacity of forgiveness and, through the Cross, Jesus saved both our eternal souls and spared us from the death we ultimately deserved. So be grateful, run toward this love, the only love that will outlast the other sinking sand in this world.

A good reminder of this self-sacrificing love is found in the song, “Should’ve Been Me” by Citizen Way. Please understand that the gift of salvation is free to receive, but it was bought with a hefty price. Thank you Jesus for taking our place on the cross, so that we may have life through You!

NOTE: I do not own this video


I’ve read the story

I’ve seen the movie

I give to charity

And tithe my ten percent

These I remember

But I so easily forget

All these years never heard it like this


It should’ve been me

It should’ve been us

Should’ve been there hanging on a cross

All of this shame

All of these scars

Should’ve been stains that were never washed

Why do I hide

Why do you try

Over and over and over again

I guess it just leaves saying thank God

It leaves me saying thank God, thank God

For the should’ve been


I live a good life

I love a great wife

Our kids are beautiful

We got friends down the street

If I’m so thankful

Why do I easily forget

That you died for all of this


For this heart you changed

This soul you raised

My God for taking my place





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