Carolina Liar: Wild Blessed Freedom

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Single “Drown” Interview:

If you like the sounds of Keane and Green River Ordinance, then you may be a fan of Carolina Liar as well! Their current album Wild Blessed Freedom (2011) brings new standout tracks: Drown, King Of Broken Hearts, Never Let You Down and Salvation.

I’m a big fan of their album “Coming to Terms” (08) and its songs: I’m Not Over, Coming To Terms, Show Me What I’m Looking For and Beautiful World; this album has a bit of a different sound.

While I enjoyed their new melodies, the CD is a little more dance-based and a little less vocal-based. (Lead singer Chad Wolf has an amazing voice, and I really appreciate his hard-hitting tracks). Overall, I support the album, but don’t be surprised if it sounds pop, compared to their previous work.

All of that said, I would highly recommend many tracks on the album, especially their single “Drown”—it sounds like the Carolina Liar I know and love! Keep up the good work, guys!



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