Train: California 37

Photo Credit: and yes, that’s David Hasselhoff

Click link for brand new music video “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” NOTE I do not own this video:

Remember the good ole’ days when people got pulled onstage during concerts? Sadly, for the most part, those experiences don’t happen anymore…but they do at a Train concert! Lead singer Patrick Monahan is very interactive with his audience, and at a recent concert, he even gave away a free guitar to a young tween. Much love, Patrick! Oh, and he’s got the most amazing voice live! Even better than on his albums!

In 1998, the group released their first self-titled album, which included “Meet Virginia,” “I Am,” & “Free.” They then released a second CD in 2001 with the explosive hit “Drops of Jupitar“- the album’s title track. (This song won not one but two Grammy Awards in 02!). Other popular tracks such as “Calling All Angels,” and “When I Look To The Sky” are off their third album, My Private Nation.

They dropped one more album “For Me, It’s You,” and then disappeared from the spotlight. From 2006-2009, the band went on a hiatus.

Through the years, Train’s sound has drifted a bit from their earlier soulful tracks. I would almost describe their old stuff as rock and a bit of country, with lots of passion. Their new stuff is catchy and a bit more pop, but nonetheless, Monahan’s vocals sound just as impressive as always. Their sound has been and will continue to be very unique.

Talk about a comeback! Returning from their three-year hiatus, Train reappeared with the international chart-topping hit, “Hey, Soul Sister” off Save Me, San Francisco (2009). Along with that, “Marry Me” was a sweet and vulnerable side for the group, and “If It’s Love” showed a pop-twist on being romanced.

Their 2012 album California 37 was released in April 2012 with standout tracks “Drive By,” “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” (above video & a funny twist on having to explain being broken up) and “Mermaid.” This album was definitely not a disappointment for me! It’s again, a little pop-y, but includes some great songs to let loose and dance to!



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