Vice Verses: Switchfoot

Interview NOTE I do not belong these videos

Switchfoot is a loyal band. Every year, they play numerous shows in their hometown of San Diego, CA, including the Bro-Am surf contest where the proceeds go to children’s charities.

They’ve made a career out of producing consistently meaningful songs with underlying messages of faith like “The Beautiful Letdown,” “Twenty-Four,” “Stars” and “The Blues.” Listen to any of their powerful tracks, and you’ll feel the love the band has for God and his purpose in our lives.

Albums Learning To Breathe (2000), The Beautiful Letdown (2003), Nothing is Sound (2005), The Best Yet (2008), Hello Hurricane (2009) and Vice Verses (2011) all contain goose bump-worthy songs. Here’s some of my old favorites:

Dare You To Move (Learning To Breathe)–San Diego Music Awards named this “song of the year” in 04, Only Hope (The Best Yet)–featured in the 2002 movie A Walk To Remember, On Fire (The Best Yet), Your Love is A Song (Hello Hurricane)….and so many more! I wish I could name them all!

Honestly, they’ve always been one of my top bands! So when I first listened to their 2011 album (Vice Verses), I was more than excited (after waiting two years since their previous). Songs: Blinding Light, The War Inside (above)  and Souvenirs are always on repeat on my iPod.

Then in April 2012, Switchfoot released Vice Re-Verses–a remixed version of the album. It has a very unique sound, especially when you’re used to the original versions. But it’s a fun album as well. Give it a listen if you haven’t, then you’ll get what I’m saying.

The featured song on this post “The War Inside” is the perfect example of Switchfoot and their idea that change and seeking a relationship with God begin within yourself— “every fight comes from the fight within.”

People struggle through their pride, hurt and fears to fully understand the truth of Christ, when it is within us the entire time.

Their stuff is more than just music, it’s impactful!



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