Nickelback: Here and Now

Interview NOTE I do not own these videos

Let me start off by saying, Nickelback gives one very cool live concert. Not only are their showmanship and sound amazing, lead singer Chad Kroeger is quite the comedic entertainer. They rock, plain and simple, always have.

A Canadian rock band from Hanna, Alberta who started making music in the 90s, but didn’t reach mainstream recognition until Silver Side Up began to reach the public. Kroeger’s ability to compose beautiful lyrics in connection with the band’s rocking sound is something special, and people recognized it.

In 2003, 2005 and 2008 they released additional albums The Long Road, All the Right Reasons and Dark Horse, respectively. I must say, All the Right Reasons was a hit album in my book. It’s the album, which contains popular Nickelback tracks “Far Away” (a powerful love ballot), “Savin’ Me” and “Rockstar” (the perfect Nickelback karaoke song, if you’re looking for a good one).

That then leads us to Here and Now (2011). It’s hard to compete with such well-recognized previous albums the band have released, and then take a step forward from a place where the public is on your side, but Nickelback stepped it up once more. This CD contains standouts “Lullaby,” “When We Stand Together,” “Trying Not to Love You” and more. It’s another shining example of what is truly jamming music. Even though the album contains multiple ballots, which I happen to really enjoy, harder rock songs are still present. I for one like to see how they get a little more vulnerable on this album.

The band is all about a mixture of rock tracks with love songs and some real inspiring song aimed at change. Good for them trying to make the world more aware of issues; it makes me respect them even more. Keep rockin, Nickelback!



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