Augustana: On the Other Side

Interview NOTE I do not own these videos:

Though this band has circulated through a number of members (ten, actually) since its formation in 2002, their sound has remained consistently piano-based rock. Augustana, originally from San Diego, CA, began when Dan Layus and his friends at Greenville College, Illiniois came together to play good music.

But soon, the members found different paths. While Layus and former member Josiah Rosen decided they no longer wished to stay at the university, other members of the band felt differently, and they began to go separate ways. Layus and Rosen, along with new drummer Justin South, moved back to California. They later got on tour with numerous established musicians such as The Fray, Snow Patrol, O.A.R, and OneRepublic.

Their 2005 album All the Stars and Boulevards did quite well on the billboard charts. Featured hit song “Boston” was number 34, and was even featured on an episode of Scrubs and Smallville.

As the years passed, their music continued to progress. Album, Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt (2008) featured popular songs “Hey Now,” “Sweet and Low” and “Fire.”

But what I want to feature most is their recent self-titled album (2011). Ok, it’s hard to compete with their other CDs. Honestly I’ve loved all their albums thus far. But I think Augustana is the best album yet.

What are some prominent tracks? I like “Counting Stars“, “Steal Your Heart,” “Shot in the Dark,” and “On the Other Side“–featured in the clip above. This is a must own-album for all you Augustana fans, new and old!



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