Green River Ordinance

Interview NOTE I do not own these videos:

This is a band who’s toured with big name acts including: the Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot, Collective Soul and MuteMath. Though some compare their music to the likes of Third Eye Blind and Augustana, to me, their sound is uniquely their own.

Members Josh Jenkins (vocals/guitar/piano), brothers Geoff and Jamey Ice (bass and lead guitar, respectively), Denton Hunker (drums) and Joshua Wilkerson (guitar) have had their rock songs featured on shows such as The Young and the Restless and So You Think You Can Dance. They’ve had two top singles “Come On” and “On Your Own.” Not to mention the fact they’ve recently released a new album in February of this year titled “Under Fire.”

The album is yet another reflection of the sound I’ve come to love from the band on their previous CDs “The Morning Passengers” (2010), “Wait A Minute More” (2010) and “Out of My Hands” (2009). It’s consistently soothing, yet edgy. You can definitely pick up traces of their Fort Worth, Texas roots.

In addition to this music video of their hit song “Heart of Me,” from Under Fire, here’s more awesome songs from the album: Resting Hour, Healing Touch, Don’t Be AfraidLost In the World.

And classic hits: Uncertainly Certain, Endlessly, Dancing Shoes, Out of The Storm.



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