Lady Antebellum

Interview NOTE I do not own these videos or audios:

From regret to moving on, music has a way of defining life’s moments. I’ve been making my way through country band Lady Antebellum’s newest CD Own The Night (2011), and a few songs stuck out to me on these subjects. Each would be perfect to listen to when you need to make a change and let go. The first is called “Wanted You More” and the second “As You Turn Away.”

Some background on the band: Developed in 2006 by Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood. If you know their stuff, you know how incredibly Kelley and Scott harmonize together in vocals.

In 2008, the band released their first self-titled CD, which included top tracks “I Run to You” and “All We’d Ever Need.” And then released another album in 2010 titled “Need You Know,” with hit songs “Ready to Love Again,” “If I Knew Then,” “Need You Know” and numerous others. Their Need You Know album was what peaked my interest in the group. It’s rare when you end up liking all the songs on any CD, but this one was definitely amazing!

So listen to these two standout tracks from their new CD, and I bet you’ll want more from Lady Antebellum….here’s their site:

Wanted You More:


As You Turn Away:


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