Starfield: Outstreched Hands

Interview NOTE I do not own these videos

Starfield (originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian Christian band, whose music has over the years received much recognition across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. If you haven’t heard the group before, you’ll be amazed by the way in which they beautifully combine spiritual, honest lyrics with soothing–& sometimes rock–sound.

In 2004, their first (self-titled) album became popular in the United States, with standout songs: “Alive in this Moment,” “Outstreched Hands” and “Filled With Your Glory.”

Since then, Starfield (led by vocalists and brothers Tim Neufeld and Jon Neufeld) have released four additional albums, including their most recent 2012 album “The Kingdom.” As well the band, in combination with touring, spends time singing their songs at churches and in ministry.

Enjoy some of their most popular and newest songs, and don’t forget to get swept up in the words–they’ll add to your liking of the tracks : ) God’s love is ever-present in the lyrics.

Older: Alive in this Moment, Outstreched Hands, All for You

Newer: Just Surrender, Natural Disaster, Light of the World



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