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You might know MuteMath by hit tracks “Typical,” “You Are Mine” or “Spotlight,” but you ain’t heard nothin yet. Their 2011 album “Odd Soul” proves once again this band is here to stay. But don’t be surprised if the songs take you back a few decades with their retro fusions. The album features tracks “Blood Pressure,” “Allies,” and “Odd Soul.”

The group’s backstory begins in 2001 with members Paul Meany and Darren King (both previous members of the band Earthsuit). Though their collaboration began as long-distance–Meany was in Louisiana while King was in Missouri–they found a way to work together while apart. That is until King moved to New Orleans, once Earthsuit called it quits. Add in a few more members (today that would be Roy Mitchell-Cardenas and Todd Gummerman) and the newly-formed MATH was created.

Six albums later and these guys are still making music that rocks! Let’s all take a listen to these awesome tracks new and old.

Classic: Typical, Control, You Are Mine

Odd Soul: Allies, Blood Pressure, Prytania 



MuteMath: Odd Soul

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