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After a five-year hiatus, the alternative rock band Vertical Horizon released their sixth album “Burning the Days” (2009). The group originally formed back in 1991, when Georgetown undergraduates, Matt Scannell and Keith Kane began to play small venues at and around the University. The duo released their first album “There and Back Again” in 1992, after graduating and relocating to Boston, Massachusetts.

Touring proved to be crucial for the new band, gaining Vertical Horizon both fans and band members. After becoming signed to RCA Records, the group released a third album “Everything You Want” in 1999–a major success (other albums: “Running On Ice” (1995) and “Live Stages” (1997).

The album included hits like “Everything You Want” and “We Are,” and brought the band widespread recognition. In the year 2000, “Everything You Want” became the ’34th most listened to song on the radio!’

From that time, the band released another album in 2003, bonus-track CD “Go” including songs “I’m Still Here,” “Goodbye Again,” “Forever” and “Echo.” They are currently in the works for another album in the coming years.

In my opinion, their most-recent CD demonstrates the mellow-rock style I’ve come to love about Vertical Horizon.

Check out these songs from “Burning the Days”

The Middle Ground 

The Lucky One

Save Me From Myself


Carrying On

And their site at:


Everything You Want: Vertical Horizon

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