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It comes as no surprise to me that Christian band The Afters’ newest single “Life is Beautiful” is amazing! After seeing them live and having their songs on repeat for much of last year, I pretty much know their 2010 album “Light Up the Sky” by heart. Be sure to catch this current song “Life Is Beautiful” in the movie October Baby, released March 23, 2012.

If you don’t know their work, here’s some songs you’ll likely fall in love with also! All songs speak of God’s love and presence all around us. He is not far from any of us at a given time, ‘all who seek Him will find Him.’

Light Up the Sky 

Say It Now 

Lift Me Up 

Beautiful Love  *theme song of the MTV show 8th & Ocean and popular track from their 2005 album “I Wish We Could All Win”



Life Is Beautiful: The Afters

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