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The English band Scars On 45 have just released their first self-titled studio album in April of this year. And the amazing thing is it’s one of those albums you could literally put on and listen to the whole way through–Hard to pull off! Good job, Scars On 45!

The group includes vocals by Danny Bemrose and Aimee Driver, bass guitar by Stuart Nichols, drums by Chris Durling and keyboard by David “Nova” Nowakowski.

The band became known in America by hits “Give Me Something,” “Heart On Fire,” and “Promises and Empty Words.” But their rise to success was not an easy one. They struggled at first to gain recognition in England until their song “Beauty’s Running Wild” was featured on an episode of CSI: New York, which caught the attention of Atlantic Records.

Scars On 45 was recently on tour with The Fray, and from their the looks of their newfound success — they have music spotlighted on episodes of top shows: One Tree Hill, Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars–I think they’re here to stay.

Oh, and I’m definitely a fan! This is a must-buy album–perfect for a nice drive (not too mellow, just enough lyrical and melodic grit).

Here are the tracks that made them a name:

Give Me SomethingPromises and Empty Words Beauty’s Running Wild Heart On Fire(official video), Insecurity

And here’s the band’s site for more information:


Heart On Fire: Scars On 45

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