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From battle of the bands to Vh1, these guys have worked their way into my heart. One can’t help but love their spirit and lyrics! I even saw them live, and I must say they’re truly amazing! If you haven’t already, get to know best friends: Doug (vocals), Jeremy (bass), Dave (guitar) and Tate (drums), better known as “SafetySuit.”

After the release of their debut album “Life Left to Go,” the band showed much promise both musically and lyrically from hit tracks including “Stay,” which climbed its way to the top of the Vh1 charts, “Someone Like You” and “Anywhere But Here” (a personal favorite).

With the highly-anticipated drop of their second album “These Times” (2012), the guys don’t disappoint. Songs like “Staring At It,” “These Times” and “Believe” demonstrate once again Brown’s knack for relatable and inspiring lyrics, as well as the band’s enchanting sound.

Wanna check out more? Visit their website and music videos:

“Let Go”  (These Times)

“Get Around This”  (These Times)

“Stay” (Life Left to Go)


Feel Safe in the SafetySuit

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