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Another Colorado-originating band, OneRepublic features lyricist and vocalist Ryan Tedder, along with Zach Filkins (lead guitar), Drew Brown (rhythm guitar), Eddie Fisher (drums) and Brent Kutzle (bass guitar).

The band first found success on Myspace, but then became world-renowned with their massive radio hit “Apologize,” including a remixed version featuring artist Timbaland.

Other top singles from their 2007 album “Dreaming Out Loud” include: “Stop and Stare,” “Say (All I Need),” “Mercy” and “All We Are.”

In 2009, the band released their second album titled “Waking Up,” with additional hits “All the Right Moves,” “Secrets” and “Good Life.”

But what sets this band apart? Well for starters Tedder is a grammy-winning singer/songwriter/record producer and has produced and written songs for many well-known singers like Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Maroon 5 and Beyonce, but the list goes on. He’s one talented musician!




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