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You’ll be captivated by this song. From its dreamy composition to its haunting lyrics, “Strange & Beautiful” by Aqualung is a song that sticks with you.

Matt Hales, vocalist, is an English singer/songwriter with popular hits like “Brighter Than Sunshine,” featured in the movie A Lot Like Love.

A talented musician by the age of 17, Hales had already written a symphony entitled “Life Cycle.” Though he made many attempts to form a band during his time in college, none seemed to stick. But this was far from the end of his music career. In the year 2002 he released his first single “Strange and Beautiful” in the UK, a soothing melodic piece, which gained him more mainstream recognition.

In 2010, Hales released a bonus track album Magnetic North, featuring attentional romantic-style pieces.

The video gives a look at what makes this musician so alluring.




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